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We met gorgeous mama Ryle and her adorable daughter Heiress at our first Naetal photoshoot with Jenzel Velo last year. A year later, we chatted with Ryle who is now a mother of two.

Photo: Jenzel Velo
August 3, 2022 •  3 min read



In three words, what does Motherhood mean to you? 

Motherhood the second time around is, again, a blessing, selflessness and infinite love. 

Motherhood to me is like a rebirth of yourself and your significant other. The connection between you and your child is unexplainable or replaceable. It's not something you can see, or touch, it's something you just feel. Motherhood is selflessness, sacrifice, it's patience, loving, it's learning and inspiring. Although we are the adults, and we are the parents, our child actually teaches us more about ourselves and that to me is something so crazy! I wish everyone could experience parenthood, it is truly the most amazing and indefinable feeling in the world.


As a mama of two, what would your let others second time mamas know?

The second time around is a lot easier than the first! You had your time of trial and error, haha. In the best possible way! Cherishing the moments with your first born is crucial. Once baby #2 is born, 

have time with both. There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing your offspring bond and connect with each other and love each other! A piece of you is in both of them! I love including my daughter into anything and everything I can with Knight, my son. She enjoys being the big sister, taking care of him, the responsibility, the trust, the excitement of helping raise and teach him new things! It's exhilarating!


Photo: Jenzel Velo


How did your postpartum period look like?


Oh my gosh! I dreaded this moment. I didn't know when it was going to come! The moment it did... honestly was TMI! I used tampons AND pads. For extra protection. I had specific undergarments for

my comfort! Even to this day, when it is my time of month.. I try to take extra precaution of protecting my clothes from any "spills" -- I also noticed my cramps were enhanced, taking Midol really helped me + a hot water bag at night! 

Photo: Ryle

It’s breastfeeding week and it’s not always easy. How was your experience like? 

Breastfeeding is both euphoric and nerve racking. The way a females body can produce for its baby, is something so special! The connection between you and your baby in that moment is unbreakable. To say the least, my experience with both kids was short lived, I wasn’t producing enough, one side would produce more than the other.. as a mother, The last thing you want is to not be able to feed and nurture your child. I did everything I could to produce as much as I can, for as long as I can. But despite the short duration, I am so happy and proud to have experienced that with them both. It is truly a blessing what the body can do 🥺✨

What is your favourite motherhood quote?

"A mother's love for her children is unconditional, instinctual and eternal" The best way to sum up motherhood and how we feel about our child/children. Our unconditional love, support, joy, our instincts (only a mother knows), and our eternal love and connection.







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