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Joy and I are both mothers to our incredible children, Kinsley and Matthew. We have both shared the experience of navigating motherhood in raising our children with hearing needs. There were times when we were overwhelmed with confusion and worry, but more than anything else this is a journey of joy and hope - seeing our children adapt and thrive is the greatest blessing in our life. 

It felt lonely at first, as I did not know anyone with hearing differences and that being a new mother to my first-born, it was definitely a shock to find out that Matthew did not have regular hearing. However, very early on, we were very fortunate to have resources from the BC Early Hearing Program, who facilitated connections with BC Family Hearing Resource Society, Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre and Deaf Children’s Society of BC.  Matthew has been seeing a HOH teacher and a deaf teacher so that he is equipped with various means of communicating and options in whatever way he chooses to communicate. 

As a mother, I appreciate others showing curiosity and asking questions about my child’s hearing differences. It is through conversations and discussions that allows for better understanding of our children’s uniqueness. 

Through this collaboration, our hope is to raise awareness in our own community about childhood hearing needs. We want new parents with HoH children to know that they are not alone, that with the help of early intervention, their children’s hearing differences would never hinder them from pursuing their dreams.

Joy and I found community with families who are also navigating the hearing journey, a journey that has opened our eyes and given us access to the Deaf and HoH culture that we otherwise would not have access to.

I am happy to share that for every Joy Kinna x Naetal Original Body Serum sold, a total of 10% of the proceeds go towards three associations - BC Family Hearing Resource Center, Children’s Hearing & Speech Center, and Deaf Children’s Society of BC. By purchasing this serum, you are also helping more families benefit from the services provided by these associations.  

We are grateful you are here and thank you for your support!

With gratitude,



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Nice to Meet You - This video introduces parents to young deaf and hard of hearing individuals who come from different backgrounds and have had a range of experiences.

Deaf and hard of hearing media and resources

BC Family Hearing Resource Society

Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC

Deaf Children’s Society of BC



created by Family Network for Deaf Children

Story time with Lila & Pip

The ASL Signbank

Signed with Heart



Hearing Simulation

Simulation of varying degrees of sensorineural hearing loss with audiogram illustrations.

Flintstone hearing loss simulation

Mental Health Support

DHH mental health support through the Deaf Well Being Program

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